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The community in which we live in is something one can not write home about. I am an indigene of the Zogbeli Lamakara community, one of the famous communities in the Northern regional capital, Tamale. If one take a look at the future and carefully examine the youth of our communities today, you will conclude that the future of our youth will be scary.

The youth of today now take money making as a competition among themselves. They don’t even bother about the source they get this money from. What they are interested in is MONEY. The sources they always get their money include betting, gambling, scamming, sakawa and so on. They youth depends on either one of these as a livelihood for themselves.

The main cause of this abominable act of our youth is poor parental control. Parents should try to control and guide their children while they are still young which will make them grow into responsible people in the community.

Another cause of it is peer influence. Most of the youth of our communities are been under the influence of their peers. As the saying goes “show me your friend and I will show you your character”. The character of an individual can depict the behavior of his friend.

This act of immorality should be carefully catered for before it gets out of control. Measures should be put in place that will eradicate or decrease this abominable act in our community. Providing jobs for the youth can be a major factor that can abolish those abominable act in the minds of the youth as it will serve as a livelihood for them.

I hope and pray that, our elders and authorities will take this seriously to eradicate this abominable act in our community and save our youth who are the future leaders of our dear nation.


Credit: Salam Rashard

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3 thoughts on “Youth In My Community”
  1. Good advice dear, the youth of today is more interesting in making money, legal or illegal. This accounts to the bad society as we have today. Wish to see a good future.

  2. Well said bro, hope the authority will do as said for the betterment of our communities and the country as whole

  3. Hmmmm. …They call it quick MONEY. ..They don’t care how they get it (MONEY )What sprites me most is that all parties are interested in it (Male /Female )..How thoughtful of you? Almost every communities faces this problem but as Dagombas says “Ti Sola Taba “…It is a big disaster not only to the communities but to the country at large…All we have to do is to pray that, everyone who has a helping hand to help stop this disaster must intervene to save the youth and generations to come…. ( I.e pastes, Imam, government, parents etc)…..You did a marvelous work RASHAD

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