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Education they say is the key to success. What do we see nowadays? Is the education still the key to success? What has brought about this drastic change in the minds of the youth about education?

The youth now see education as a waste of time to an individual. They believe that the end product of education is money and so why should they waste their precious time in education when they can get this money from different sources.

Education has gone beyond what the youth of today think it is. Education isn’t just about the money but it also gives an individual exposure to many things. It widens the mind of people and give them experience in life.
As a result of these perceptions the youth has about education, school dropout is now rampant in the community.

The youth also uses failure as another excuse about education. Once they fail in a final exam, their zeal for education get lost. Failure isn’t something that should make you have such idea about education. It is not the end for your education if you fail an exam, is just to make you realize your weakness and build on it.

We the youth are the future leaders of our dear nation and this can be achieved through education. Let’s change our mentality about education and grow up to be responsible people.
Credit: Salam Rashad

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  1. I Addition to this is that, most youth don’t just give up on education is just that they don’t have the financail support to move forward, in case they fail in some subject and what to rewrite but there is no money .

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