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These are the slogans of that young spoken word poet who sets to lift up the face of poetry beyond the usual view of the world.

He builds his unique brand alongside his growth. He has his unique way of appearance where he puts on a round cap that goes in same colour with his trouser and mid it with a long-sleeved t-shirt that goes with a different colour. He is Issmuk the Gigantic.

This poet composes poems that bases around societal issues. And he has once again greets us with a wonderful piece titled Ntizopaɣa (My Sister in the English tongue), a poem with a classic video that drops on January 7th, 2023.

The content of this wonderful poem centres on the young lady, reminding them of their worth and pointing out to them their approaches that undermines their dignity in Modern romantic relationships.

Issmuk produced this poem in the aim of women empowerment.

You can check out the poem/video through the link below


Stream on Audiomack; Here

Spread the love

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