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Darul Taweeh Islamic Institute, an religious organization based in Tamale built on the faith of Islamic and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The organization has executed a number of projects aim at providing humanitarian services and teaching of Islam in parts of the country and northern Region.

The organization is providing free NHIS registration for 500 people in the Savelungu Municipality.

in a statement obtained by Zolaonline.net , the organization said;

Our outfit, Darul Tawheed Institute believes in practicalizing the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) by finding solutions to basic societal problems to the best of our capacity.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are thousands of people who go through genuine challenges resulting in their inability to be enrolled on the National Health Insurance Scheme.

We are inspired by several prophetic narrations including hadith in Saheeh Muslim (No.2699), where Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said that,

“Whosoever removes a hardship among the hardships of this world from a believer, Allah will remove a hardship from him on the day of Judgment.”

“Whoever brings ease to the one who is in difficulty, Allah will bring him ease in this world and in the Hereafter.

It concluded by saying

Fellow Muslims, the time is due for us all to come together with our Arsenals and resources and redirect them not against ourselves but against poor sanitation, illiteracy and poverty.

The Savelgu municipality still has traces of Open Defecation (OD) upon governments and NGOs’ struggle to make the municipality an Open Defecation Free (ODF) district.

Ensuring a clean and safe environment is core in Islam. Let us keep our environment clean always to prevent contamination and poisoning of food, air and water.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a harsh harmattan season, it’s important we keep a check on health and behavior.

Let us make the usage of face and nose masks a habit in this season.

We entreat beneficiaries of this noble gesture to keep their NHIS cards safe always and seek medical attention quickly to prevent complications.

We are grateful to our benevolent donor(s), NHIS and the media for your good works.
May Allah richly bless you.

Wassalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahtullaah!

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